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Frequently Asked Questions



What should I expect on my first visit?

Your first visit is called the assessment. You will spend an hour with
the physiotherapist during which he will gather information about your
condition then proceed with the physical examination. This consists of
a wide variety of observed movements, strength and flexibility tests,
and hands on techniques to feel subtle small joint motion.


Will I receive a treatment on my first visit?

Yes. After the assessment is completed the physiotherapist will
communicate with you his diagnosis, explain to you the underlying
cause(s) and what the treatment plan will involve. Treatment will then


What do I bring on my first visit?

Please bring clothing that will allow you to be easily assessed. If
your problem exists in your legs, feet, or back, shorts are needed. If
you have a concern with your neck or shoulders, a tank top or swimsuit
is helpful for female patients.


Does OHIP cover any part of my fee?

No. Core Physiotherapy is a private clinic and operates similar to
a dental office. Most health insurance plans will provide a specific
amount of coverage annually.


How do I pay?

Payments must be made by Visa, Mastercard, Debit,  cheque or cash.

Will there be things for me to do at home?

Most definitely. Patients receive a home exercise prescription unique
to them and their condition. Home exercise are purposely kept simple
and to the point, so as not to be too time consuming or ineffective.


How often will I need treatment?

Most patients are seen 1-2 times per week initially. Treatment
frequency reduces when the home exercise routine becomes the primary
method of treatment. At this point, treatment sessions concentrate on
re-evaluation and progression of home exercises.


How long will it take when I come to the clinic?

Your first session will be one hour with all other sessions booked for
30-40 minutes.


How long will I need to come before I am better?

Total treatment time will vary greatly depending on the severity and
complexity of your problem. Most patients are seen an average of 7
times over a period of 2 to 3 months. The largest predictor of success
is patient compliance with the home exercise program and avoidance of
aggravating activities.


Will I see the physiotherapist on every visit?

YES. We do not use physiotherapy assistants. You will spend the entire
session with the physiotherapist.


Does Physiotherapy hurt?

No. Treatments should not be pain provoking. Your physiotherapist will
explain to you that you should not be experiencing pain during the
treatment or while doing exercise. No pain…means no pain. Pain is what
we aim to reduce, not increase.